Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gold is for you and me!

When coins don't have chocolate in the middle, they are usually real. They are usually real gold coin. And that's when you know they are worth something.

How do I invest in real gold? Well, I'm going to look at using Monex Deposit Company (MDC) in the future. With it, I can buy silver, gold, or any other precious metals! I can get personal delivery in a timely fashion and convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository. They've been the leader in this for 30 years! Silver is available in coin or ingot. Radical!

What are ingots? They are pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. And we all know what coins are. They have currency value. Now is the time! World demand for silver exceeds annual production, and has every year since 1990. Above ground stockpiles. They are running on the low side and even shrinking at a rapid rate! Buying gold and using it as an investment has been going on for years. I'm talking centuries. That's 100 years! You see, it's all about purchase power. It's all about being unique. During the time of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans...all the way to more modern times...people have loved gold and considered it worth a lot. Men have been fascinated with the way it can change a life. But nowadays, it can diversify investments, protect your precious wealth and even preserve one's purchasing power! I know if I bought gold I would want it to do those things for me.

The same is true for silver. Silver bullion is just as good for investment. And this is deep-rooted in history just as gold is. Back to the good ol' days of the U.S. (The days that the media has made our youth not believe in.) Since the end of WWII, the U.S. used to be the largest stockpiler of silver. But now it's dumped billions and billions of ounces of silver bars onto the world market. That has decreased silver prices. But what kind of products am I talking about? How about American eagle gold coins? You can buy them in units of 10 one-ounce coins for personal delivery! .9167 fine gold. Legal tender coin.

Check MDC. They have plenty of other products as well. Most of them are just as good as this. And Monex prides itself on having the best us silver coin prices and programs of anybody in this industry. And their staff is dedicated and hard working. They will not stop until you get what you want. That's what I heard at least.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Congratulations Spain!

As a graduate of a 5-week summer Spanish program in Madrid, and a fairweather soccer fan, I feel a special connection to Spain's victory over Germany for the 2008 Euro title this past weekend. I would like to congratulate the team for winning this thrilling tournament that I watched over my lunch break on numerous occasions. A Spanish victory gave me the opportunity to reminisce about the fateful summer I spent there, drinking until 6 a.m., and attending classes in the afternoon. My cultural and social experiences there really shaped and changed me in ways I could have never imagined. Unfortunately, they still didn't make me a soccer fan. But I am a sports fan, so I can at least say that I was into the Euro Championship...or tried really hard to be. And I at least know how the Spanish people party, so I like to think I know what the celebrations going on right now are like. So once again, congratulations Spain, for your 1-0 victory over Germany, and first Euro title in 44 years! Beba un poco de sangría para mí. (Five weeks of Spanish classes confirms that my babelfish translation of, "Drink some sangria for me," has all of the necessary words. The arrangement of them, however, is not guaranteed.)

Here's what others in the blogosphere are saying:,viva-espana-spain-beats-germany-in-final.aspx?r=rss

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shaq ruins three careers at once

Who knew that a drunken freestyle at a New York club could cost you so much? With the age of YouTube and camera phones in full-swing, apparently a lot.

As you probably heard everywhere earlier this week, Shaq performed one of the worst freestyles in the history of rap this past weekend--ruining at least three careers in the process. His "best" lines were, "You know how I be, last week Kobe couldn't do it without me," and "Kobe, tell me how my a** tastes."

Wow. That's what I call classy, and brilliant wordsmithship. Oh I wouldn't. It's one thing to be drunk at a club and rap horribly. It's an entirely different thing to partake in a cheap shot at a former teammate, and then go on to throw Patrick Ewing, white guys and even Kareem Abdul-Jabaar under the proverbial bus. Damn.

Shaq is, unfortunately, making himself the perfect example of a once dominate athlete falling from grace. He hasn't been the same as a player since his divorce last season, and now he's ruining his public persona as well. And it's cost him a lot more than just his image.

He's not only alienated big names in the NBA (including Commissioner Stern), tainting his image for endorsements, but he's also lost two honorary sheriff's badges. Including special deputy's badges in Maricopa County. Also, he will no longer be used to promote Operation Blue Ridge Thunder, a unit of the department that O'Neal worked with in investigating Internet predators.

Man, that's pretty brutal. Not to mention, even whatever he had left of his rap career was ruined as well. His lyrics were garbage. Plus, everybody in the world or rap knows that one of the fundamental rules of freestyle rap is to not mention the name of a famous dead rapper more than once (Biggie.) Or, maybe I just made that rule up. Either way, it was not good.

Shaq, seriously, man. What happened? How did you fall off so quickly? You can't make a layup, and now you can't even rap coherently? I'm not even talking about being good--just coherent. Anyway, you better dedicate the rest of your summer to finding Bin Laden, and succeed. Otherwise, I don't think your public image will recover for a while. I mean, look at Kobe. A few years ago, he cheated on his wife and was charged with rape and nobody has forgotten about. He never got an endorsement again... Oh, wait...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Silver lining? Yes.

Get ready for a silver lining to your blog reading experience...

Alright, I'm not gonna bust your balls here. This blog is about silver, and how you can invest in it, and it's awesome. I just had to get that out of the way off the bat.

So what am I talking about? I'm talking about MDC, or Monex Deposit Company. They are a place of wonder. You can use them, and their services, to buy silver and other precious metals. And you can have these precious metals delivered to your house, personally. You can also conveniently store t hem in safe storage or an independent bank. Radical!

So silver is available in two form. There is coin. There is ingot. There is no more. Those are your options. Got it? If you want to invest in one of these forms, you should. Ingots are generally silver ingots of pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. Coins have a currency value or they can also be defined as ingots.

And right now, this time period we are in, folks, is the best, if not ever, for investing in silver bullion. You should do it. I'm strongly thinking about that ish. I mean, the world demand exceeds annual production! And it's been this way since 1990...every year! I can't believe that, man. Can you?

Silver bullion is low too, dog. Above ground stockpiles of it are getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller. They need viagra, man. They are approaching zero. That's not stimulating. Also, Monex Precious Metals (MPM) is home to a staff that is so large, and so dedicated, that they decided to commit to you and help out with your precious metal investment needs. They are America's best dealer, with convenient market and competitive precious metals prices, yo! You should do this now.

Man, are you serious about Pamela?

Rumor has it, Pamela Anderson is not who you think. She is a Canadian, and they are crazy. Did you know that? You didn't? Aw, man. Well, let's look at why this is a problem:

1. Canadians started a war in the South Park movie. And it was against America. Bad.

2. Canadians invented hockey, and now the sport is annoying to watch on TV. Bad.

3. Canadians have moose all over the place. Bad.

4. Canadians are friendly. It's so not hard core. Bad.

5. Canadians appeared in the Michael Moore film, "Sicko." Bad.

6. Canadians are from Canada, which is north of the USA, and cold, and has solstices or some shit. Bad.

Are you still wondering why Pamela Anderson being Canadian is bad? Wise up and grow up, buddy.

Top 10 Things Not to Do as a Temp

As a temp, you should always remember that you are representing yourself, as well as the temp agency. You want to make a good first impression, and you need to realize that no matter how "normal" you are, regular full-time employees may still be looking at you as the "random temp." So you don't want to draw any negative attention to yourself and prove them right.

This is common sense for most people. Most likely, if you are continually getting temp work, you are well aware of how to act in a professional workplace...but there is always that small percentage. After all, the word "clueless" is a word for a reason.

Top Ten Things NOT to Do as a Temp:

10. Walk in the morning of your first day and give everybody in the office a flier for a big night club event you are promoting in Hollywood, and try to sell them hard on bottle service.

9. See if any of your temporary co-workers are interested in becoming their own boss by selling Amway.

8. Wear frayed jean shorts.

7. Make a lot of mistakes and joke after each one, "What are you going to do, fire me?"

6. Walk in the morning of your first day and give everybody in the office a flier for your hybrid, folk/hip-hop band's performance at Hotel Cafe next month.

5. Tell somebody you are only doing this job because you heard "the co-eds at this office were easy."

4. Talk about the latest episode of "To Catch a Predator," and sympathize with the predators.

3. Jokingly ask for a raise...about 10 times a day.

2. Talk about how useless education is, and how pyramid schemes are the way to go these days if you want to build real wealth.

1. Work a temp job on your birthday, bring in your own cake, and send out a mass email to the company, announcing, "There's a birthday party for Temp John Doe in the conference room at 4:00."

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gold is all about being gold

Gold is so gold these days. It really is. That's why they don't call it silver or bronze. They call it gold. Deep...

Gold is actually more than a deep metaphor about life and the future of the world. If you use Monex Deposit Company (MDC) you can purchase gold or other precious metals and get them delivered to your place or a convenient safe storage place, and it becomes more! Or you can even use an independent bank or depository place! And they'll do this immediately!

And they've been doing this for 30 years, man! That's 3 sets of 10! Anyway, they are the leading gold and precious metals investment leader in America! And gold is a great product to invest in. You can invest in it in one of it's two forms. Try coin or ingot. We all know what coin is. But what is ingot? Seriously, that's a weird name for anything...let alone gold. Well, ingots are generally gold and pure bullion cast. That means they are made in a convenient size and shape. That's what I love about ingots: they are convenient.

The whole art of buying gold has been recognized for centuries. Literally centuries, man. I'm not talking about lame decades. Decades are so overrated. Nothing happens over the period of a decade; but centuries? A lot. People have always known that it is the way to wealth and purchasing power. Duh. Gold bullion is also a unique investment that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans even used. And nowadays, they still do! So you should too!

Gold can change men's lives. The golden bar today is a proven investment diversifier. It protects your wealth, and your purchasing power! Monex Precious Metals is home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset pros who are absolutely committed to serving your precious metal investment needs. They are this country's best dealer, with a convenient market and competitive prices!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fliptastic news

Jamie Lynn Spears is so scared about giving birth to a real-life baby that mother Lynne Spears has tried to ease her knocked up teen daughter’s fears by showing her graphic videos of natural birth.

A Star Magazine source said:

“She wanted to show [Jamie Lynn Spears] what a woman goes through labor, giving birth, that it’s a natural and beautiful thing… but all Jamie Lynn saw was the blood — or ‘goop,’ as she called it — the screaming and the pain. It was too graphic for her. She flipped out and literally got sick.

Jamie Lynn Spears Image

In Jamie Lynn’s defense, Britney Spears scheduled c-sections for both Sean Preston and Jayden James, so this is likely the first she’s heard of this.

Jamie Lynn Spears might want to go that route in the end.

The source added, “Jamie Lynn wants to be knocked out and then wake up when it’s all over.” Poor girl. At least Casey Aldridge will be there to comfort her, unless he’s too busy closing on their new double-wide that day.

Can't dislike the Hills even if I tried

Home may be where the heart is, but things aren’t altogether sweet in the home of Lauren Conrad (LC) on this episode of The Hills.

Roommates Lauren Bosworth (Lo) and Audrina Patridge aren’t really jiving, and the tension between them is getting worse by the minute.

While LC and Lo want to go tanning and shopping, Audrina has to go to Epic Records’ studio, where the band Alkaline Trio is recording, for work.

She really wants the Laurens to stop by and see her, and they do, for about 15 seconds, before Lo complains about being hungry and they bail.

Lo denies any sort of blame by saying she’s “just not cool enough to hang with bands,” but Lauren Conrad is sad that her roomies haven’t bonded.

Heidi PhotoAudrina Pic

If you thought Audrina Patridge’s life was complicated, it pales in comparison to the reality show’s other protagonist, the plastic-surgery loving Heidi Montag.

The fake-looking, duck-lipped bimbo decides that she wants to take her career to the next level. Her boss, club promoter / owner Brent Bolthouse, taps Heidi to help launch his new Hyde club - in Las Vegas! HOT!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Need drug info away from a computer?

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

Are you a doctor who has been away from your computer and desperately needed free drug reference for iphone? Yeah? Well, I hope your patient was alright. That's not good...but now there is a solution to this problem. It's called Epocrates.

So physicians (otherwise known as doctors) are going mobile. And I'm talkin' iPhone style baby. (The only way to use a phone.) Drug information is always on call with Epocrates. It's fantastic. More than half of the doctors around now use PDAs or smartphones, and they are a big reason why. Their medical reference software is used by over 500,000 healthcare professionals, dog! That's a ton! Wowzers! They have a completely loaded drug guide on their PDA or smartphone. These clinicians are ballin'! They can access all this great information that they need to prescribe the right medicine. And at a moment's notice! They can access information to help you with drug dosing, side effects and health plan coverage. Does anybody else see how ridiculously cool this is???

Want an example though? Well, if a physician named Dr. something is prescribing an antibiotic for a stubborn sinus infection, but the patient is already on Coumadin, then Dr. Something (stop calling me something) would pull out his tricked-out PDA/smartphone and try to find any possible harmful interactions between the two drugs. That way, he will know before he rights the prescription. He doesn't even have to leave the exam room to find a computer, or to ask his nurse. He doesn't have to deal with any of that!

You still want to know more? You want to know exactly what the Epocrates drug reference guide offers? Okay. How about this:

Free medical Pocket PC software
Free medical Palm software
Free medical Windows Mobile software

They also launched a free drug reference for BlackBerry devices if you have one of those and use BB Messenger. And they aren't stopping there. They are working closely with Apple to develop a downloadable drug guide for iPhones too! That will be great when that comes out. But in the meantime, doctors with an iPhone or iPod Touch can access Epocrates content by visiting on their Safari web browser.

Spencer ruins Heidi's life some more

The Hills won’t be alive in Washington this weekend, after all. MTV reality starlet Heidi Montag has backed out of plans to attend the 2008 White House Correspondents’ Gala on Saturday, April 26th after her uninvited fiance Spencer Pratt demanded an invitation-and first-class airfare to the Nation’s Capital. After his divalicious demand were met with a resounding HELL NO! from Heidi’s sponsor, MSNBC, Spencer, acting as Heidi’s “manager,” promptly cancelled the asipiring singer’s appearance at the event .

The New York Post reports:

MSNBC had invited Montag to be a guest at its table at the Washington Hilton. “Then Spencer got involved as her manager…He demanded first-class tickets for both him and Heidi - even though he wasn’t invited.,,,When the network balked, Pratt canceled Montag’s appearance, claiming, according to our source, “It wasn’t ‘A-listy’ enough.”

What a silly idiot. Spencer, get real man. You are nobody. Get it through that frosted head of yours (cliche insult).

Back home again in jail

Shocking new details have emerged regarding Amy Winehouse's insane night out on the town earlier this week that we told y'all about!

According to reports, Wino ATTACKED 2 people that night.

And that's just the start of it!

- Musician Mustapha el Mounmi claims Ames hit him because he refused to give way to her at a pool table. UK media reports Mustapha has a bruised eye and swollen lip. Mustapha says, “I feel so angry. She smashed my face hard. I could not hit back — she’s a woman.”

- Wino HEADBUTTED a Good Samaritan who helped her hail a cab. Police have reportedly began a probe and sources said Amy will be arrested. If convicted of assault, she could face up to six months’ jail and a $4,000 fine.

Wino more or less confirms she's back to using drugs.

An eyewitness reports that Amy was "off her face, throwing drinks around and turning over tables" at London's Bar Tok. The witness also reveals that Ames screamed, "I am a legend, get these people out. I want to take drugs’.”

Wino was seen kissing a mystery man. Yeah, one that WASN'T her junkie husband, who's still in jail.

That's so awesome. I remember when I was in jail one time for drugs...oh wait...that was never. Good job donkey-faced issue-haver!
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